Thursday, November 14, 2013


Hi you!

Let's talk about something really really awesome! Did you know that there is a company selling MAC Samples?! YES there is, the company is named The Body Needs 2, check out their website here.

PLEASE NOT THAT: They are not an authorized retailer of MAC products. All of their MAC products are purchased directly and legally from authorized MAC retailers. The pictures on their website are taken by TheBodyNeeds of authentic MAC products purchased by them at authorized MAC retailers.

Let's see what I got:

ó MAC Pigment 'Vanilla'
ó MAC PaintPot 'Let's Skate'
ó MAC Face And Body 'N2'

And of course I had to buy some lipstick samples for $ 3.79 each (5 g)

ó MAC Lipstick 'Costa Chic'
ó MAC Lipstick 'Sunny Seoul'
ó MAC Lipstick 'Pink Pearl Pop'
ó MAC Lipstick 'Impassioned'
ó MAC Lipstick 'Lickable'
ó MAC Lipstick 'Speak Louder'

They also send me a gift:

ó TBN Lip Luster 'Solar Flare' 

I think the idea is soooo amazing!! This company is simply giving people a chance to try out some MAC products. 

The simple size have enough product in each pot for about 20 uses, if applied correctly. That is more than enough to try out a product & see if it's something you would like to buy as a full size. 

If you trust my opinion, feel free to check out the website & place an order.

Thanks for visiting!

Love, Mónica 

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