Tuesday, June 25, 2013

St. Moriz*

Hey you :)

As you may know I live in Luxembourg... And yes in a few days it's July and the sun stills not come here to visit us :( so the very big problem is that my skin is very very very (and yes I mean VERY) white/pale. That's awful! So that's why I come to the conclusion: If the sun doesn't want to come out, I will get my tan by my own. I don't want to go to a solarium, so the only choice was to get a "Fake Tan" yaaay!

I was very skeptical because I don't want it to look patchy, but after I've watched a lot of video's on YouTube, I have decided to give it a go. I liked the St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse and the price is cheap, so I ordered on Amazon, which arrived within a week! And here it is:

I will try it next week or so. Of course I will share the results with you and make a review.

Have you ever tried a Fake Tan? What do you think about? Or do you prefer to go to the solarium? Let me know!

Have a nice evening.

Xoxo Mónica*


  1. Hey girl, very nice blog and I'll be very happy to follow each other though Bloglovin :)

    I'm not much into tan. I'm super dupa white myself, but I hardly get tanned ever. So I'm used to it now . But I still want to see your results with this tanning method. Keep posting!

    1. Hey :) Ohh thank you! I'm following you now ;)

      I'm sure, that you are not so super dupa white as me :P Actually, I tan well, but this year there's no sun in Luxembourg... Terrible! It rains all the time and it is cold. I hope you have better weather than I ;)

      Yes, I will post the results.

      Thank you :)